Dance classes for kids London

If you are looking to sign your child up for dance classes, don’t wait! Call us today and sign up your kid for dance classes. Dance classes can bring your child not only a lot of joy but also bring you a lot of benefits that you may not even realise.

What kind of dance classes are available for children in London?

Our studio offers a range of dance classes for children. They are divided into two categories:

Latin American dance classes for kids, which include dances like:

  • Samba
  • Cha Cha
  • Rumba
  • Jive

Ballroom dance classes for kids, which includes:

  • Waltz
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Tango
  • Quick Step
  • Foxtrot

* All of our classes are taught by highly qualified teachers in studios that have fully sprung floors for safety and injury prevention.

What are the benefits of signing up my child for dance classes?

The first benefit of child dance classes is they increase your child’s physical fitness and finesse. Kids who take dance classes generally gain more muscle, flexibility and endurance. During our dance classes your child learns posture and balance. For those parents who have a very energetic child, our dance lessons may be the perfect way to have some peace and quiet later on at home. Another major benefit of having your child attend dance classes is they may feel more positive. When we exercise our body releases endorphins, which in turn improves your mood. Additionally, if your child struggles with body image issues this might be a great way for him or her to develop a more positive sense of self. In our dance classes your child can also improve their social skills. Your child will be around other children and make more friends. Furthermore, they will learn to work together because movements need to be done in sync in order to look right. Dance lessons also teach your child perseverance and motivation to reach new goals. They will learn that with hard work and practice they become better and better dancers – this skill is later crucial in life.

Dance classes for kids near me

Our dance classes for kids are offered in London, in areas such as: Finchley Central, Greenfoord, Ealing Broadway. For more information on how to find us or sign your child up for dance classes please contact us via phone +44 7821541305 or email: